Autumn Is The New Black

by  Abigail Tyrrell   Loula Cherry   Millie   Indie Fox  

We asked four of our contributors to peruse 5 of the hottest Indie Plus Size sites. These were their MUST HAVE LOOKS!

Indie Fox: Rocky alternative vibe with a fetishy twist.

Millie: Retro-Boho, Feminine, Skatergirl

Abi: Casual NYC Chic

Loula: Gothabilly, Witchy, Grunge Queen.


With degrees in Psychology, Silversmithing, and an accredited Holistic Therapist (FHT), Ms Tyrrell is an enigma wrapped in chocolate. After 18 years as a professional web developer (LAMP and .NET) and designer, she left to focus on making pants for a living. At some point during the last 12 months, she also thought creating this was a good idea...

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Fashion and fetish model, Biologist, and Internet Sensation.

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Photographer, nursing student, LGBT activist


Musician, Model, Diva Supreme and front woman for The Killing Culture.

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